Posting on LinkedIn is very easy, but not many of us do so as often as we should. Presenting a professional and consistent profile on LinkedIn is important but how do you increase the views of your Articles and Posts to not only increase your visibility but also your credibility in your industry?

Here are some basic tips to help you create and post quality articles on LinkedIn. After, it is directly associated to your professional profile and experience so it is crucial that your posts also represent you and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

1. Best dates and times: Through posting and scheduling for more than 30 companies through my work at CFM, I can strongly advise posting on a Monday and Tuesday morning between 10am-12am is the best times to post. Sundays are also good between 11am and 12am. In regards to other days in the week, I have noticed a significant decrease in views on Fridays and would advise posting “relatable” and “lighter” content for your readers. Last but not least, these dates and times are based on UK time so they will need to be adjusted accordingly.

2. Importance of quality content: It is common knowledge that the higher the quality of your content the more views you will get. It is also true that once you build a significant following you will start having a large number of views too but it is vital to keep your content at high levels too so as to ensure the quality of your viewers (and subsequently leads) does not decline.

3. Include videos & images: Video marketing is pretty much everywhere nowadays and some argue that the buzz created is ..what is actually creating the buzz. Nonetheless, a good quality image or an informative video will always help get more views and break monotony of a usual long article users see daily. Use them to a certain extent but it does not necessarily mean you have to in every article.

4. Ask questions: Interacting with your users, followers, friends, colleagues or fans is always key let alone on a networking site such as LinkedIn. It not only shows your genuine interest in feedback but also encourages participation hence improving your profile and views. They do not necessarily have to be complicated or long winded and simple questions such as? Would you do the same? Or Do you agree?” are more than enough to get the ball rolling and increase participation in your posts.

5. Check the analytics: LinkedIn has now improved its analytics substantially and gives you detailed results in regards to your articles. Make sure to go through them carefully to not only identify the types of articles that are more “liked” but also the demographics of your viewers and key subjects.

Follow the steps above steadily and gradually see your views increase on a month to month basis. Is your time perhaps limited and you are not able to “produce” the content your company requires to better demonstrate its expertise ? If so, feel free drop me an email or use the links below to contact me so as to help you generate high quality articles for you or your brand.

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