When in competition, staying updated and well researched about your competitors and their activities is very important.

In this age of great haste, each day many new competitors arrive in the world of Social Media. To leave them in dust, knowing what is being done and what should be done is a crucial part of marketing, called Research.

  1. Buzzsumo

A research tool like Buzzsummo can turn the odds in your favor. Being the most powerful research tool in the world of Social Media, it gives you much functionality:

Buzzsumo allows you to keep a close eye on your competitors and analyze their content.

You can track influencers related to your niche.

You can get to know the interests of your audience, and get interesting content ideas according to trends.

Buzzsumo can also give alerts, based on keywords.

It would not be wrong to say that in the war of Social Media, Buzzsumo is a weapon, one must have!

  1. Meet Edgar

Getting stressed out? Handling content creation, being tech support and design of your Social Media is getting too stressful? What you might need right now is Edgar.

It is a Social Media scheduling tool that recycles your old posts. All that you are required to do is schedule your content, organize your posts by category and your work here is done. You can leave the rest to Edgar.

Edgar will go through your queue and upload content from each category. Once scheduled posts come to an end, Edgar will start recycling your older updates hence keeping your Social Media alive and running. Sounds cool, Right?

  1. Canva

Want to make your Social Media Posts have better and stunning pictures? Well, look no further. Canva is the solution to your problems regarding graphic design.

Stunning pictures have always been a huge factor in increasing engagement to your Social Media.

What makes Canva so special is its simple and easy to use design. Canva is especially built for non-designers. The people who want their pictures to look super cool, but do no know how to do it.

It has multiple built in templates for what you want to make with different fonts and colors. You just have to drag and drop them on your uploaded pictures. These features, along with its super beautiful design make it a go to for everyone. In our opinion, Canva is a must have for all digital marketers.

  1. Bitly

Ever thought about converting lengthy URLs to shorter ones to leave a mark in your audience’s mind!

Bitly is your tool for this job. It takes lengthy URLs and shrinks them into much smaller ones. This makes them easy to remember and makes sharing easier than ever. Besides, short URLs do look better.

How many leads and sales were driven and converted by you! Traffic? Engagement?

Every Social Media marketer wants to be the king of the ring. This can only be done when you are using the right campaign tracking tools to get to those critical metrics.

Who clicked what? When and where is it being clicked? Bitly is at your service. Expanding its reach from tracking clicks, viewing site referrals and even the location of the clicks, it also offers short URL builder. And guess what! Google itself is using it in their URL builder campaign which says all about its importance for you.

  1. Biteable

SEO might be great for engagement but there is nothing that compares visual content like videos. Videos can be that cherry on the top for your Social Media.

Having visual content is more likely to engage a lot more people than just plain text.

Biteable gives Social Media the magic touch of beautiful, engaging, informative and entertaining short videos to make it a lot more interesting.

Anyone who is looking for studio-quality videos without needing expensive resources can always count on Biteable. It provides you free animated scenes, music, footage and video templates.

Biteable is super cheap and is very easy to use. Free account offers you a whole lot of features. If you’re looking to add spark and flavor to your Social Media. Biteable is what you need.


These are the 5 must have Social Media tools to make your Social Media endeavors even better. But never forget the power of unique and great content. After all, it is Content that matters the most.

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