New on Social Media ? Wondering how to create a plan for success? This article is made for you! As social media experts, we are highly aware of how confusing it could be when it comes to elaborating your social media strategy for the first time. However, establishing your online presence doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In this article, you’ll discover the four major steps to get started with social media marketing.

#1: Identify your goals and audience

This is the first thing you need start with. Write down all of your business goals and objectives  to build a future coherent and effective Social Media strategy. You  will then be able to choose the best Social Media to engage on. But first, this is what your SM plan should include :

  • Define your online brand image: this is  all about identifying how you want people to perceive your business. Why don’t you write down a list of adjectives and terms that you want people to associate with you?
  • Determine your target audience:  use a list of demographic characteristics. For instance, identify a broad age range, sex, SEC, key interests but also geographic areas of your audience. Understanding these segments will help you design campaigns and create content.

#2: Choose the Best Social Networks to Engage On

Before signing up for multiple social networks, we would strongly advise you to understand the main popular ones first. This means, knowing what are the characteristics of each of them to choose subsequently the ones that match your audience and your brand personality. The aim is to select the ones that will be efficient and useful to promote your products or services.

Get a sense of how each social network operates and how people interact with the topics that are related to your industry. Most of all, identify the nature of each network. They are all different in terms of what types of content work and the ways people interact with other users and businesses on it.

#3: Pick the Perfect Social Media Management Tool

Choosing your Social Media management tool is extremely important. Indeed, picking the right one can save you a lot of time and efforts. And now you’re probably wondering:” how am I going to select the best one for me ? ” The answer is really easy!

Thanks to the social network plan you’ve just made, you will first draw up a list of basic features that you expect to need from a tool. It might include e.g. understanding your audience, generating performance reports, publishing content across key social networks…  Finally, you just have to choose the one that corresponds to your expectations. However, as your business expands, keep in mind that the tool should scale well with your growth.


#4: Monitor and Measure What Matters

To improve your social media performance, you will have to monitor and measure key elements that will allow you to keep in line with your goals.  But what specifically should you take into account?

  • Measure Engagement: pay attention to how people engage with your business. That means analysing how people respond to your content, identifying the type of posts that get the most engagement and how to maximise these etc. You will able to these results to inform your content plan later on. However, keep in mind that a large number of followers does not necessarily means high engagement!
  • Monitor Mentions: listen to what people are saying about your business across social networks. That will give you an idea of how your business is perceived and what you need to improve. Try to interact with them as much as possible to multiply opportunities to engage.
  • Keep updated: track your industry and Social Media trends on social networks. Keeping an eye on trending topics can help you generate content ideas quickly.


As you’ve probably already noticed, building your social media presence takes time and efforts. Hopefully with this article, you will be able to build a solid and efficient social media strategy. However, keep in mind that social media is constantly evolving and for that reason, don’t forget to update your initial plan regularly. That’s the reason why you’ll always keep on learning!

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