Since I founded CFM Group, I have seen a lot of SEO mistakes made on mobile websites, ranging from poorly designed user interfaces to disastrously written programming code. As you launch your new mobile site, I recommend avoiding these big mobile SEO mistakes as they will save you from massive frustration and loss of revenue down the road.

I have consequently tried to compile a brief list of 4 reasons that your website may not be attracting the activity you wished, hope or believe it should be.

  • Quality Content

At first, as with all websites, it is the same for a mobile site too. It is vital you publish educational, informative and quality content that engages your fans and also intrigues them to come back to your website as a reliable and valuable resource. Be confident in adding “Call to action” buttons for your readers to easily be able to contact you and also do not be afraid to express your opinion and be critical.

  • Failing to Test

Without testing your mobile website, it is only natural that your users or fans will experience issues when visiting your site as well as potential errors. I cannot disagree, testing can be quick tedious but more importantly awfully time consuming but I can guarantee that none of that effort will go to waste. When testing your mobile site, it is important to know:

  • If a User can easily and properly convert
  • Are all your forms functional and are receiving the feedback
  • Is it easy for users to navigate to an orphaned page with no navigation and force them to hit back?

This are all important aspects of your website and knowing as much as possible about them will provide you will useful insight and time-saving of errors you WILL have to correct in the future.

  • Ignoring social media

Adding your social media icons to the end of your blog posts, adding the icon at the top of your page and vice versa using your Social Media to promote your website are all equally important and not necessarily that difficult to implement. Your social media is now directly linked to your website (especially if it also hosts a blog that you promote through your Social media) so it is key that you always use them accurately.

  • Not tracking analytics

Last but not least, as I keep mentioning to all my is all about results, results, results.  Not tracking analytics for your mobile website, could potentially mean that you are missing out on loads of important information in terms of its usability, attractiveness and much more. These, will only help you improve your site hence providing a more complete experience for your users so make sure you know how to extract this information and analyse accurately.


Follow the steps above, make sure to avoid these basic errors and always provide quality content and you will soon see results. Let us know if there is anything else that you believe is aas crucial as the above to your mobile site’s success.

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