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Gino’s Dial-A-Pizza was a highly appreciated and loved brand before it was acquired by the Perfect Pizza Company. We intend to become a market leader in market once again. Gino’s was the UK’s biggest home delivery pizza chain creating more than 750 jobs and consisted of more than 150 outlets.

Addressing the Client Needs

They selected me on their search for a trustworthy WordPress developer to help them Convert their hopes and dreams to reality. I completely converted the website from top to bottom to look exactly like envisioned. The main site is backed by a customized WordPress CMS. We also provided Consultancy, Web Design, Branding, Hosting, Content, Social Media.

Web Design




What Our Clients Says

CFM Group helped create our business, website, online ordering system, all printing material and social media since our inception and we have gone from strength to strength.

Now at 4 stores and growing rapidly.
Nick is very helpful and highly knowledgeable about Social Media and Marketing and the simplicity of our ordering system and rapport is amazing

Fantastic team – Fantastic work!
Ginos Dial a Pizza – More Pizza 4 your Dough

Mokhan Gill


  • Location: Cambridge, UK
  • Project Type: Web Design
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Industry: Fast Food
  • Launched: May 2018

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