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Don’t Forget your Branding !
December 22, 2016

Many companies are taking advantage of the power of the Internet by maintaining a web presence, engaging in social media, and…

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Digital Marketing ..
October 11, 2016

Digital marketing can be a truly exciting prospect for any business as the potential for return on investment is huge given…

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Social Media strategies
September 30, 2016

Anyone going into business in today‚Äôs world is surely aware of just how important social media is to a successful business…

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Use Growth Hacking
September 19, 2016

Growth hacking might sound like a shady enterprise, but the term really just refers to the act of trying every little…

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Recruitment Industry ..
August 15, 2016

Social B???m?? Strategic: U?ing Social M?di? f?r Recruiting ! Th? number ?f companies u?ing social m?di? ?? ??rt ?f th?ir hiring…

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1st Steps to Building Your Social Media Profiles
August 7, 2016

F?r ??ur company t? ?t?? ?t the t??, ??u r??ll? n??d t? bu?ld tru?t ?nd l???lt? w?th ?u?t?m?r?, g?v?ng ??ur bu??n???…

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Grand Designs Live 2014
April 30, 2014

Cambs Fine Management PR team, is delighted to announce that after an honorary invitation. we will be attending the Grand Designs…

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The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management
April 3, 2014

Cambs Fine Management PR team, is delighted to announce that following today’s Grading Committee Meeting at the Institute of Sales and…

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CFM Group – Afxentiou Developers
January 25, 2014

[dropcaps style=’square1′ background_color=”]CFM[/dropcaps] We are pleased to announce our partnership with the Makis Afxentiou Group in Cyprus. We will be providing…

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